Sustainability need in textile industry

Sustainable textiles start with sustainable materials. Sustainable clothing materials refer to fabric that comes from eco friendly resources like rayon, viscose, modal etc and natural materials. Natural materials are tending to be much more sustainable. Some of the most popular natural materials used in the garment industry are cotton, wool, linen, hemp, mulberry and ramie. Organic fabrics are recyclable and biodegradable.The eco-design approach takes into account all possible factors, for example ecological, recyclable, ergonomics, environmental friendliness which can affect the environment. It refers to design of products with less environmental damage and also increases the aesthetic and functional properties of a product. Recently, there has been a measured movement in the promotion of eco design approaches in the fashion industry.An integral part of the company is the supply chain management that is required for the company’s success and customer satisfaction. Good analytic and reporting work with machine learning to continually improve processes throughout the supply chain.