About Our Company

Promoda Textiles Ltd.

What’s go great about Promoda Textiles Ltd. and what differentiates us from other clothing manufacturers? Promoda Textiles Ltd. is the most progressive clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. We focus on steady growth and are well established amongst buyers based all over the globe. Our strength comes from our long-term partnership with other compliance factories. We focus great effort in bringing about the improvement of our garments industry.Our approach to customers is all about keeping their interest in mind. Most apparel manufacturers focus on delivering huge quantities and forget about quality. We emphasize quality over quantity with top-notch working conditions and technology.Promoda Textiles Ltd. not only helps customers by implementing their ideas. But also provides detailed research and analysis reports on current fashion trends.We are offering ODM and OEM services for all types of markets. Our collections include a variety of choices for men, women, and children. At Promoda Textiles Ltd. ; design, qualit, and sustainability are not an issue in relation to price. We are always offering inspiring fashion at a reasonable price.

Promoda Textiles Ltd. isn’t just another one of the countless clothing manufacturers in operation. We are an established business with the intention of developing a global network. Thus helping us to stay close to all our target markets. What truly sets us apart from the rest is the basic fact that we pay ample attention to the needs of our target market. For this reason, we plan to extend our services in the long term, thereby reaching out to a larger target market.We strive to grow even more as an apparel manufacturer. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with prospective buyers. For this, we only deliver the best to gain trust in their respective markets. What can potential buyers expect from us? Quality apparels that are sure to be a hit in the international market!


We strive to attain our vision by practicing corporate governance, empowering and inspiring our associates, being transparent in our work process, continuously developing expertise, meeting & exceeding customer needs, demands & expectations, maintaining quality & consistency of our products & services, engaging with community, caring for environment and maintaining networks with our global partners.


The vision that we hold at Promoda Textiles Ltd. is that of gaining top notch recognition in Bangladesh’s already expansive, and continually expanding apparel manufacturing sector. In the long-term, we wish to be ranked amongst the top apparel manufacturers that deliver all sorts of apparel manufacturing services to businesses and fashion houses across the world.
Our number one priority is that of gaining global recognition for delivering the most fashionable garments with consistent quality and on-time delivery while fulfilling all the specifications of our clients. We are focused on becoming a group of companies that guarantees utmost satisfaction through the deliverance of flawlessly manufactured garments that will be known for their perfection.